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Nutmeq is a digital growth consulting company

We help companies identify critical questions, secure answers, optimise product- /go2market, and embrace people that will accelerate their digital marketing success


NUTMEQFocused, fresh and forward creative and critical thinking

NUTBuilding blocks approach for rocksolid online engagement

MEQDigital DNA and spiced up collaborative attitudes for team excellence



Technology and marketing are alchemies of creativity, insights, big data, software and experimentation. Even more so - you will need different people & capabilities to help find synergies, manage risk and drive your business forward.
Nutmeq can help you find synergy on both pillars - tech/creative alchemy AND people/structure for online excellence.


We love everything digital, both as a driver for change in retail marketing oriented companies as well as acting as incubator for excellence in online centric companies.
We drive projects in business climates ranging from disruptive startups to medium sized corporate structures


Nutmeq focuses on all aspects of online marketing & sales innovation, web monetization & people management within digital environments.
We work across a full spectrum of activities: From company acquisition & selling strategies, to hands-on operational online management activities and people management for performance


Online Media

Nutmeq works across all scalable dimensions of online media monetization. Display, social, search, email, pops as well the affiliate marketing, sales management, and DSP space;

Web monetization

Nutmeq pivots and executes monetization for websites, apps & portals and aims to help both advertisers and publishers to set up lasting commercial enablers, concepts, CRM and data monetization;

Consultancy & C-level management

Nutmeq helps companies define, set-up teams & implement online marketing, sales excellence & eCommerce across all touchpoints. In addition Nutmeq sources and manages online departments, remote and offshore solutions.

Our Philosophy

Nutmeq has a core ideology which is focused on delivering services which are both straight forward and with lasting impact. We pace your developments and look very carefully at where you spend your time, money, and resources.

Our brand values


Always passionate, restless, enterprising & unfailing to building online businesses; A strong sense for finding improvement areas.
We’re in the business only for the winning game. Goal orientated, investigative attitude, and full client transparency


Always overcoming hiccups that you run into on the way to achieving our goals;
Straight forward towards intake and project management, team work, inspirational, fun and non-conventional, hands-on, & listening skills
Online fanatics and seasoned experts within the online & mobile industry

The NUTMEQ approach is built around the following paradigms

  1. Challenge the Hippo! - Highest Paid Person Opinion, and build on key customer facing staff
  2. We tend to know one core thing well. Focus is key
  3. Innovation is good but don't loose yourself in strategic views
  4. Do not listen to what a customer says but what he does
  5. Focus on core tasks, execution first. The rest will follow
  6. Spice up your optimal mix two times a day! In other words - rethink, challenge and repeat daily
  7. Succes is driven by having the right people on board. Determination & engagement win
  8. Do not focus on what your competition does, but focus on your customers and solve their problem
  9. Technology serves our online business, and not vice versa
  10. Sustainable business value lies in realizing ideas, not inventing them

About Us

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

Nutmeq aspires to be a catalyst for online excellence due to years of experience on:

Finding and solving marketing problems, and seeing the underlying factors being replicated across multiple business models and business climates;
Failing, learning, and carving out niches that seemed to be driven by persistence more than anything. A never give up mentality was born;
Managing teams and understanding how growth for people in the Digital Marketing landscape equates to market success & adoption

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